Instead of just checkpoint I was thinking about some new coop modes like maybe assasination where u have to kill a target. Search and rescue where u have to save a captured US soildiers from enemy territory. And take them to the extraction point. And pls bring some coop modes from the old insurgency, I fucking loved conquer and hunt from insurgency 2014, especially conquer lol. When it comes to remasterd maps, I'm good with ministry and burhiz but I would also love panj, market, sinjar, heights and peak. Especially peak, I really fuck with that dense forest setting. When it comes to guns I really want a re work of the 2x magnification scopes, that magnifier is supposed to give a 3x magnification, and that magnifier should have to ability to be enabled and disabled to allow for medium engagements and close range engagements/encounters. For the marksman class like I said b4, i really don't think the 50 cal snipers should be in the game, those kind of snipers should be used for long range engagements only and vehicle disablement when applicable. I've already seen people attaching laser sights to the 50 cals and performing 360 no scopes, like wtf, this ain't call of duty, it looks stupid and really kills the immersion. How can a human being can carry a barret like that and fire it from the hip like it's nothing, I'm sorry if I'm being rude but common that's just absurd. The vehicles should not be destroyed by 50 cals but just disabled like it just stops moving and that's it. Like it's simple common sense if a cars engine is penetrated by a 50 cal bullet , it won't just burst into flames, I feel only RPGs and other rocket launchers should be able to do this, as much as I want 50 cals removed as I feel they dont inANYWAY fit the playstyle of insurgency sandstorm, it's too late for that now, I just hope in future marksman weapons such as the mk12 for like 2 supply points and the m110a1 are added in future. Then security vehicles should be Humvees or just well armored vehicles, not some back street technical, like come on how can u afford a 50 cal, mk 17 and other high tech equipment but u cant buy a humvee 😂😂😂, and it takes either an anti material rifle to disable the vehicle or a well placed rpg hit to the engine ONLY to destroy it. And rpg hit to the windows or anywhere else would just kill the occupants with shrapnel after penetration. About shrapnel, RPGs should be given two different rockets, shrapnel rounds and explosive rounds , as they do in real life, and as seen in squad. I also feel like insurgency checkpoint should be removed as a group of 8 insurgents taking on a sea of US trained soldiers, and military contractors( the security ), makes no fucking sense lol. And from what I've heard and noticed alot of people play security checkpoint only. Then in the menu, the hardcore checkpoint security and hardcore checkpoint insurgents should be abbreviated to H.C checkpoint security and H.C checkpoint insurgents, as the long name runs off the text box in some areas and looks unprofessional. The new map is amazing, but I did see some frame drops in the CTE. And also pls bring back night operations, I miss those days, taking on insurgents with my night vision goggles and fully customized m4 lol. More rail attachments like underbarrel shotgun ( this would be dope as fuck but maybe overpowered) and the classic flashlight. And the Acog should be allowed for security in versus because it is the standard US sight lol. And the m27 should also be added as it is the new proposed standard issue rifle for the marine core. Also instead of coming in the back of truck for the coop games, we could switch it up a little with maybe a helicopter insertion, depending on the game mode or something. Like imagine a search and rescue mission where a helicopter drops u off at a selected insertion point and then it's up to u and ur team to find and rescue a hostahe like rainbow six lol without the helicopter.
I think I'm asking for too much lol but yall should really think about it. Thank u and keep up the good work

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