Stuck in spectator but spawned in

Just encountered a new bug (for me) where I was stuck spectating another player even though I was respawned from a teammate capturing an objective. Happened on Farmhouse West - PVP Firefight. It was really strange. I couldn't change the player I was spectating and I stayed spectating them even after they died. I could reload, and likely move. Tabbing and resupplying didn't help. It fixed itself after I pressed escape twice. Later, about 15 seconds after I regained my view, my screen went black for a couple seconds.

Replay ID: e651539f-9b22-4413-b23b-1e9c9831c643 - happened in the final round, but I doubt the replay will reproduce.

Hey @Nate-CR
Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience!
It's quite an odd one. I will pass this on to the dev so they can directly have a look at it.