New Server Config ( Hardcore mode )

To me, personally, that you update the game, I find it really wonderful, but I think they should report the new configurations that the servers support.
It is unfortunate, that we have to spend days searching for that information on the web.

the update is a breath of fresh air, but not releasing new server configs to server admins is just plain silly.

we have always asked that you would consider doing it prior to the patch so we can look at how this will effect our community servers.

So they only have us in mind to look for errors in the maps, and from time to time they give us a cookie for good guys.

Ohhhh, yeah, works fine.
Now We need config like CTE server, with mossin, etc

More Info

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that guide has not been updated

Guide has been updated: Outskirt added, vote kicking, etc.

What they ad dthe name of the map and thats it????

that is pretty poor

Request for NWI to to add documentation for Hardcore Coop server most notably how to set up the mapcycle. Doesn't work at the moment unless you turn map voting on. There has been some discovery but it would be nice if NWI put some kind of official documentation on it.



There really needs to be a complete document of all the INI settings. Include the default, the acceptable ranges, and a short description of each.

Ideally, in a machine-readable format, so I can make a server config generator frontend for it 😃