This is literally just copy-pasted from two other threads I made on the CTE section that were seemingly ignored by the mods. I report this stuff for a reason, you know.

@MarksmanMax said in Current CTE Bugs:

I mentioned some of these already, but this is just what I've found so far bug-wise that's not related to the AI. That'll be in General Feedback on a different post later.

  • You cannot perform an ammo check (by holding your reload key) if you're holding a G3A3.

  • You cannot perform an ammo check if you have a weapon deployed on a bipod or grippod. Fixed

  • The A-10 Strafing Run once came in from the wrong direction (parallel instead of perpendicular) resulting in three dead teammates, including me.

  • In Hardcore Checkpoint, the respawn on the last counterattack has no grace period. In other words, dying one second after the last objective is captured will not result in a respawn while it typically would on other objectives.

  • For some reason, most Security players have the same tattoo on their left arm. It has like, stars and shit. Probably CTE-specific

  • The Security variant of Crossing Hardcore Checkpoint can spawn multiple resupply boxes. In one match, we had resupply boxes at Alpha, Delta, Echo, and Golf.

@MarksmanMax said in Hardcore Checkpoint Bugs:

While this gamemode is really fun, there are definitely some bugs.

Non-Map Specific:

-> There's a bug where players seem to freeze in place. They can still look around, talk in-game and use their weapons, but they cannot move, jump, prone or crouch. I'm not sure exactly how to fix this bug, but alt-tabbing out of the game and tabbing back in seemed to fix it for me. As far as I'm aware, this bug seems to auto-resolve itself after some time.


-> The small ammo crates never spawn on this map.

-> Occasionally, the random resupply box never spawns.

-> The resupply box never seems to spawn on the final objective of both the Security and Insurgent map variants.


-> On the Security variant of Crossing, we actually had extra resupply boxes at the objectives. One cache was at Alpha and there were one or two more caches at random objectives before the cache on the last objective.

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