Cannot Join Official Servers

Upon attempting to join any official server, I'm kicked and presented with the following message, every single time.
This happened both during the CTE and the current update. I've tried restarting steam, and my pc, and clearing the download cache, and nothing fixes it.

Also have the same problem. I can join community coop servers (presumably because they do not require a steam authentication) but none of the other game modes. I was playing those other game modes about a week ago just fine.

I have checked my firewall, restarted my pc and cleared my download cache.

I am having the exact same issue. I was playing earlier today without any issues. Once I updated I have not been able to get into official servers. I have never had that error before today.

Also have the same problem

I get the same, if I restart (relog) into steam it sometimes lets me play. But only as insurgent, each time I get placed on a security team, I get that message. Only happened since the 1.2 update.

Same here ever since the 1.2 patch got released and i can't play on the official servers. I've had this game since release and i never had this problem before.

This is still happening, very frustrating.
Only as Security, (except hardcore maps)

I take that back, it's happening nearly all the time now. cleared download cache (again) restarted steam and PC, nothing helps.

Same here... 8 out of 10 times. Really frustrating... I validated and all, but doesnt help.

Thanks for the fix 🙂

I managed to get around the problem by resetting the easy anti cheat, but then it wanted to do a part reinstall of insurgency every start up.

No wall seems good.

also cant join servers, cmon guys i just wanna shooty shooty and use the big boy guns that were added