The update 1.2 is really good so far, love the new security facewear and equipment customization. When it comes to the 50 cals, I'm sorry to say this, but I dont think there implementation in the game makes sense, 50 cals r used for seriously long engagements, piercing through buildings and taking out vehicles. I can see the part that has to do with buildings and vehicles but we only have one enemy vehicle to deal with and nobody really wastes there time trying to shoot people through buildings. And the long range engagements r simply not there, apart from crossing which is a beautiful map by the way, every other engagement is medium to close range. The m24 and mk 14 fit the situation perfectly but the barret 82 is overkill that recoil and caliber is meant for distances u see in games like arma and squad. Distances where the enemy is nothing but a spec, not insurgency. I would prefer if y'all brought the m110a1 instead. Or mk12. The hardcore checkpoint is amazing but the mosin and tarkov pistol thing seems to just be messing with gameplay, as it gets annoying and causes frustration among players, I would prefer a punishment, like the reduction of supply points every time u die OR keep the same spawn system in regular checkpoint and put harder bots, when it comes to bot ai, they are honestly not too different, I dont really see them running for cover or spreading out, several times I've seen like 10 bots moving together like some marching band 😂😂, and it just turns into a massacre. If they SPREADED OUT MORE, crouched and went prone more often then they would be hard as fuck. So far the only thing making them hard is the mosin punishment after dying and the reduced movement speed, sometimes some bots do really stupid things, I've seen countless bot marksmen with m99 and svd moving around like breachers 😂😂, it gets annoying. Plus I love the new sprinting 1st person animation in H.C checkpoint but dont like the fact that the 3rd person animation of it doesn't match. The new map outskirts is amazing apart from a few frame drops. The loadout in the homescreen is a really good quality of life improvement. Apart from the problems mentioned this update, it's amazing, keep up the good work and pls in future updates, releases maps in bundles because when maps r released one at a time like the tides of war system I have to deal with in battlefield, they get overplayed fast and boring faster. Thank u so much NWI, insurgency sandstorm is literally my most played game, more than battlefield 5 and call of duty, the gameplay and attention to detail is something I've never seen in any other shooter.

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