My Idea to Help Multiplayer (Quick-Match 2v2 AI)

Hey Guys,

I've played through BFG's 1&2 and supported this one since the beta. I keep seeing posts about issues with the multiplayer in terms of current metas, cancer-builds, imbalance, wait times, and player drop-off. As someone who cares about the future of this game, but isn't the biggest fan of competitive ladders, I think having a laid-back multiplayer option would help the community.

I played in season 1 and found I only enjoyed 1/4 of my matches (regardless of winning or losing). Right now, I am sticking to the campaigns but am tiring out of that now too. I'd like to play cooperatively with new players instead of just the versus option. Currently, 2v2 AI is restricted to friends-only and mine did not pick up the game. A good example of my suggestion is StarCraft 2's co-op feature that allows 2 random players to join against the AI. Granted for BFG2, it could be much different based on restrictions.

Going back to the issue of viable builds, each faction has dozens of ships but only a select few are viable for multiplayer. Having a cooperative environment could encourage more experimentation. This is my idea, what do you all think? One thing I'm missing out from the game by sticking to campaign is the community. So if you guys think this is a good idea or not, please let me know.


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Some players (myself included) have been asking for that for ages now.

Supposedly, the devs have actually been notified about that. And they don't care.

We'll see how it goes, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Right now I'm placing my hopes in the upcoming single-player update to keep me playing.