Abusive AI Need To Shut The Fuck Up For Good.

Sick to death of being called a moron and an asshole by the ai every time i try and move through a red zone. Just remove the out of bounds areas and let us turn the radio chatter off. its really offensive! its punishing us for using our initiative.

Its non stop all the way through every match pvp, coop it dont matter your gonna get called a moron and an asshole for using your brain in this game. No im not going the wrong way i have a plan you annoying fucking prick.

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I'm with you there, all the way. This rampant spam needs to stop.

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Restricted areas do ruin the game. They need to be removed from the game, except for near spawn areas.

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Only because of the respawns though. If you remove respawning and go with 1 life game modes you dont even need them around the spawns.