Forum setting ( Ignoring ) does NOT work any longer. Getting all new posts from all game forums, but i don´t want them ! !

Getting too many posts in the category "Unread" on the left side of the screen.
When i click on the red button ( Unread ) i can see so many Forum posts of games which i dont want to receive.
And when i click on the WATCHING button and after that on IGNORING button on any of the Games Forums i get a red little pop up box on the bottom right (for a few seconds only) which says : ERROR Invalid data.
So i cannot put the Forums to ignore status.
Now i receive any new Forum post from ALL Focus Games Forums.

This is really annoying and should be fixed as soon as possible.
I just want to receive new (Unread) Posts in the Insurgency:Sandstorm Forum.

Thank you for your attention !
best Regards,

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Still not working !

Am i the only one who has problems with all the topics in the category "unread" and the watching/ignoring thing ?
Any feedback would be nice !!
Edit : Using Firefox ( latest version ) webbrowser.



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Hey dear Community Manager !
Would be great to get some feedback on the reported forum bug.
Am i the only one who has this problems or is it a common problem ?
How can i fix this ?
Or does it have to be done by the forum administrators ?
May be it´s just a minor thing in the firefox browser settings ? A checkbox somewhere in the security settings may be ?

It would be nice just to receive the unread topics/replies ONLY in the category Insurgency Sandstorm as i only own this specific game.
Right now there always are new topics/replies from ALMOST ALL games in this forum in the category "Unread".

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Totally agree

If this change was made to try & get people to check other game forums it is having the opposite affect with me as I check less & just Mark ALL as read & leave

About as much info here as what they provide with their games ZILCH!!!!!!

Only found this post while searching for a fix

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So i am not the only one having this problem !?
Getting no feedback from others made me hesitate to contact another Forum Moderator as the last one does not react in any form on my help call.

Well now i try to contact all of them 😉


Help please !
The forum setting is out of order.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll look into it!


It should work now. Can you try again?

Confirming too, it´s working again.
Thank you very much ! Good work !

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Thank you very much for the correction.

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