Cost of new cosmetics.

Yeah sooo... reduce them. The game already suffers from the annoying low rewards per level up and the RNG gives almost 90% of the time Insurgent stuff. 300-400c piece for the backpack camo & vest? 400 Balaclava?

100c piece for the basic tan/ranger green etc would be great. Same with balaclavas, single colored should be much cheaper.

Otherwise the new patch is great and many welcome fixes. Good job and Outskirts is awesome.

@lakku I think the new facewear options are set at a fair price. Maybe the basic equipment options could use a price decrease, but it's not that bad IMO.

I agree. I spend increasingly less time playing games in general as I age, but I shouldn't have to grind for hours daily to rack up just enough points to put on a single cosmetic item...