CTE co-op. The bots are still broken. Obviously, they will never be fixed.

molotov snipers
fireproof bots
instakill bots
bots with x-ray vision
bots shooting bullets out of their ass (facing in the opposite direction)
the bots can withstand being shot at point blank range

I like the new hardcore mode, with the exception of the bolt actions. At least give me an assault rifle with no mods when I spawn.

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I didn´t install the CTE because i don´t have enough harddrive space, but reading this makes me sad and dissapointed.
NWI developers should have learned from many different posts in both Forums ( this one and Steams ) that the bots urgently need to be overworked especialy their abilities with molotovs and instakills.

I hope they rework on their exceptional abilities and their exaggerated "super speed" on stairs when assaulting a building before the new patch arrives on regular Sandstorm game.

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Hello @Grave @GSG_9_LIGHTNING
Sorry you felt disappointed by the bots and AI overall. I just sent your post to the team so they can check it out.
Have a great one!

May I join the "Club of Disappointed by Bot and AI"?

I always get the feeling I've to offer my help to optimize them... 😉
Probably a survey could be the way to go?

@Raibi Not to be like, an asshole or anything, but I'd appreciate it if you could forward my post about the exact same topic that goes into much more detail: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/39249/the-current-cte-bot-ai

I added one more I forgot. 😛