I mentioned some of these already, but this is just what I've found so far bug-wise that's not related to the AI. That'll be in General Feedback on a different post later.

  • You cannot perform an ammo check (by holding your reload key) if you're holding a G3A3.

  • You cannot perform an ammo check if you have a weapon deployed on a bipod or grippod. Fixed

  • The A-10 Strafing Run once came in from the wrong direction (parallel instead of perpendicular) resulting in three dead teammates, including me.

  • In Hardcore Checkpoint, the respawn on the last counterattack has no grace period. In other words, dying one second after the last objective is captured will not result in a respawn while it typically would on other objectives.

  • For some reason, most Security players have the same tattoo on their left arm. It has like, stars and shit.

  • The Security variant of Crossing Hardcore Checkpoint can spawn multiple resupply boxes. In one match, we had resupply boxes at Alpha, Delta, Echo, and Golf.

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