New COOP idea

Idea for a new COOP game mode. The game mode would use the bots from the new hardcore coop. The objectives would be randomized per round, for example objective A would be in a different location each round. Change the restricted area to a large restricted area around the edge of the map enabling players more freedom of movement. The objective would not be known via the hud until discovered by the players so they must search for the objective while fighting off waves of enemy. Some of the bots would spawn with the objectives and entrench them selves like a humans and defend the location (peaking corners watching cardinal directions, ambushing, etc.). The number of COOP players is increased to 12. Then after a percentage of bots are killed reinforcements spawn and attack the player. Then a new objective is spawned and the process continues. Similar to the current game mode but random objective locations and more freedom by changing the restricted area.

@terminus I was thinking about something like this. Seems like a mix of Hunt and Conquer from Ins2014.