COMPASS/MAP Navigation Transparency

I don't know about you guys but typically when I play ANY game and open up the map menu it displays the map in a normal North, South, East, West direction. However play any map in Sandstorm and the compass does not correlate to the static map (menu). It would help significantly that the compass correlates to
the static map which ensures callouts are being made accurately and consistently.

I noticed players making callouts based on the compass, and other based on the map (menu) assuming they are both a normal N, S,E,W, which it isn't therefore its inconsistent enabling players to be counter-productive without even realizing it.

I hope this is an easy fix because it would be nice looking at the obj building on the map and be able to tell your teammates an enemy is in the Northeast corner main floor of the obj, teammates would be able to look at their compasses and know the location. The way its presented currently would never work because they are not in sync compass and static menu map, thanks hope it makes sense.

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I hope so, i don't know how its not an obvious transparency to have a synchronized static map (menu) and compass.

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