Do we choose our own villain?

I've just been looking at the main website for the game to see if anything new has been added and the section on diplomacy made me think. As we progress through the game we'll be forging our own relationships, alliances and enemies. From what we know about the factions and companions there will definitely be opposing sides which we will most likely have to pick between at some point.

What if the last antagonistic force and the final boss are not set in stone, but are selected via choices made by the player? Which ever faction you have the least standing and influence with is the one that comes gunning for the party in the end? Maybe a former Companion who has left your party and been powered up to boss status via magic enhancement, steampunk armor and weaponry or whatever their faction specializes in.

I have some similar thoughts on this. I also think we can choose to share the cure to the disease or potentially let a lot of people die. I hope they don't hold back on how dark some endings can get.

Well according to recent articles we have a faction that's been burning the Natives so I'd imagine there are some pretty dark story lines. Depending on how accurately the colonial aspect is followed some pretty heavy stuff could go down.

I think there will be options to share the cure with everyone, with allies or just keep it for yourself. Depending on how far Focus want to go there could be a 'no cure' ending, where either you choose to destroy it or it gets lost due to your actions.

Basically what I want is to have some real consequences for my actions.