[CTE] you can gain negative experience from the game

right now it happens every few games

Hey @BearWithTheSaw
Thank you for taking time to report this. Would you mind elaborating a little though? It would help us to have more info.
Have a great one!

At the end of one match I was awarded -2,009,841 points.
This took me from lvl 112 all the way back to lvl 3.

Hello @Raibi I'm not really sure as I was never really affected. I've only heard my teammates posting images of this earlier and people mentioning it when we have played together, but since I didn't see any post topic mentioning this I decided to post one.

What I've seen and heard, all cases were larger than -1,000,000 exp lost, but that may not be true for all cases out there, simply what I've seen.

Thank you guys! I understand the issue now.
I will notify our team right away. if you have screenshots & co, it would help us!

This is just because it's the CTE. The interactions between the CTE and your normal game character are a bit weird. It seems the CTE wants to reset everyone back to level 0, but doesn't do it reliably. Sometimes you'll get reset mid game, which shows as a massive XP loss. Playing the normal game and then going back to the CTE can cause it to happen again. I've also seen weird things happen with unlocked cosmetics.

But it's just the CTE. I've never had any permanent effects on my character when I've gone back to the normal game.

@Raibi your screenshot 🙂

Todays round on CTE 1.3, after Ministry versus


not sure ifrelated but seems there was this thing in early beta:

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I get around -6,000,000 to -7,000,000exp every round I finish on CTE. It seems to be the higher the level, the more(or less) you receive. @Raibi Should us players stop using the CTE if this becomes a bigger issue? Also, the test server shouldn't even be communicating with the full game servers at all. Period.