Why load another Sandstorm test game format

I don t want to be the sour milk here , but I guess you have your reasons for having us to download an a complete independent community for testing as it would be just as easy to open it to the public for testing and give feedback on our servers.

I downloaded Sandstorm community and got DLL error and would not launch the game, so I deleted and attempted to launch the Main Sandstorm game and could not launch DLL file was corrupted after validating SS file I got it to run again.

Our clan has been playing Insurgency and Sandstorm from day one,and we enjoy all the work NWI has put into the games, but with said, we drive our game play to be more Coop Tactical and work as a team instead of running and gunning and who going to be first on the point!

You hardcore can challenging with linted time to take the point no I Ds it creates allot of Running Gunning and Teamskills .


It's hard to wire up Steam depots and deployments for a Beta channel of a release, and easier to box it off when deploying to the main app under Beta doesn't have the potential to blow up the production releases.

It's annoying to have double the disk usage, but I haven't had much trouble with the installs themselves.

Are you talking about setting up a CTE server?