SUGGESTION - New key combinations to "lean".

The lean mechanics is a good thing, but most games out there that use this kind of feature uses Q, and E on the keyboard to activate it and some people are not too comfortable with this keys.
I think it would be very cool if the game allow us to create more flexible "a bit contextual" key combinations, for example:

The shift key is use to run, so if you press shift without the forward key "W", nothing happens then if you press shift when you are stopped plus "A" or "D"(the first key lean you in that direction), the character could lean left or right, actually toggle lean while you keep shift key pressed to allow you to move around while leaning. This kind of combination allow players to not remove finger from main keys and it seems very comfortable, natural and fast to use.

I think there has to be some conditions to run after lean in this way. If you press "W" after lean the character shouldn't run because you are keeping shift + (A or D) pressed, so if you press W the character should move slowly forward and only if you release A or D the game should respond to shift + W as a run command.

No game out there that I have played uses this kind of key combination to lean and many players have tried to create many keys combinations to make this movement more natural, so the possibility to create this kind of flexible shortcuts, though a simple thing, adds something good to the game.

Just to remember, I'm not suggesting to eliminate the use of Q and E keys to lean, but just adding more ways to create shortcuts to actions.

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Ever thought of buying a mouse with programmable sidebuttons ( for the thumb use ) ?
That way you can use any keyboard binding and use the lean function very intuitive.

There are very cheap mice with sidebuttons just like this one :

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I use my thumb consistently, in many games, to control other features like, underbarrel accessories, melee, optics etc.

Lean in the left hand works well, I would just like more flexibility to create shortcuts to actions in the game. Keys can make an action individually or other if combined with other keys. This give us more power to customize our game interface.

Just change it to the following:
Q --> Lean right
E --> Lean left

It is very counterintuitive for the first 30 minutes or so but then you will be highly rewarded! Just try it out.

Edit: And yes, I see your point as well. Escape from Tarkov makes good use of this, I think. But in a game like Sandstorm it might be a bit too challenging for the common crowd to have multiple options for this and that.

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I know this option banani2804. Its not bad too.

Other option that can be good is to use space bar and ctrl to lean, this way you can put crouch and jump on Q and E keys. The only problem with that is to make very hard to create a more consistent interface to many different games, if you play many.

Anyway its very good to have options to use whatever you prefer.

We should be able to choose multiple keys to perform an action, even if one of those keys were used before, and also choose if we want that action to be toggle style or only perform while the keys is pressed, and also how the toggle is deactivated, if it deactivates on the release of one key of the command or when all keys are released.

This features would enable us to create better command interface the anyway we like to. The Devs could implement this feature very easily.

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