the new map outskirts and Ai are awesome

I just want to say NWI you nailed it, the Ai are really good and I genuinely felt like they are hunting me and my team down. The map omg is awesome please keep this kind of content coming really had a lot of fun, and also it slowed the game down to be more tactical. Lot of people including myself said it felt like escape from tarkovish. So NWI you have a chance to bring back this kind of crowd.

Hey @Indy40 That's great to hear! We're super glad you're enjoying the new mode. If you have any more feedback on it, please don't hesitate to let us know!

@Jellyfoosh - one idea for the devs -

What if in hardcore mode there was a way to earn points similar to DOI. For every objective captured or X bots killed, the player would level up their default Mosin setup in a manner that would persist between rounds.

It could look something like this -

0 pts = Mosin, Makarov, no armor, no ammo carrier
1 pts = add greased bolt for Mosin
2 pts = add Browning/Tariq pistol
3 pts = add light armor
4 pts = add light carrier
5 pts = upgrade pistol to m9/m1911/m45
6 pts = upgrade to SKS or Shotgun