Binds all messed up.

CTE Version 1.2
I have an Azerty keyboard and my binds are all messed up.
A and Q will both lean left and strafe left, Z will move forward and prone, etc...
I have an idea of what's going on but have no mean to fix it as the bind settings seem to do nothing...

If you have a way to fix this please let me know, else I'll let you have a look and wait for a fix. 😢


For now I've changed my keyboard config to Qwerty and reset all the bindings to default.
Looks like the default bindings are hard-coded. Well, back to the default then!

Yes, I have the same problem! Only default settings are possible without running the risk of double binding the keys. Especially annoying because I reverse Q and E to Lean Right and Lean Left but now with the double bind actually nothing happens at all because the game thinks I want to lean left and right at the same time.
If possible please fix!

Thanks for the fast fix, even thought I had to change the bindings in game because doing it from the menu only partially worked?

You are doing a great job so far! The new mode is a lot of fun. Keep it up!