So, about that shiny new AI you're introducing for the Hardcore co-op

Can we please get some of it for the regular coop, with AI that sets up actual beaten zones and defenses, responds to suppression, retreats, regroup and attacks in force.

The increased accuracy could be limited to Hardcore co-op, but the other changes all seem like they would massively improve the standard co-op exoerice and make it feel more immersive. Stuff like a better AI would also make the use of things like smoke, frags and flashbangs better appreciated and curb the rampant rushing

Also, could you please curb the ability of the bots to lay down accurate fire while moving, something that's especially jarring when you're pinned by a bot firing accurately at you from over 50m away while walking diagonally.

To me, the best way to add Hardcore would involve:

  1. Increased bot counts, but by spawning 3-5 man fire teams more often rather than massive waves.
  2. Bots have better map control, and will set up explosive traps and machine gun positions to ambush players.
  3. Bots suppress players and flank more, and use grenades to zone players out of counter-maneuver options.
  4. Respawning humans further back, so that they need to group up and rejoin their squad through possibly dangerous areas.

Hardcore should increase the difficulty in ways which increase the cost for players making mistakes, and should exploit bad tactical gameplay. So, if players break apart, bots should focus on the stragglers to try and effect a defeat in detail of the player squad.

Making them take even more bullets, degrading with an already badly designed supply mechanic, or overwhelming players with sheer numbers doesn't really appeal to me, and will probably just push more players into exploiting glitches in AI than using effective movement and communication.

We need Day of Infamy AI.

For all modes.

Honestly after seeing that NWI wastes time on such stupid things as hardcore mode and f̶i̶l̶t̶h̶y̶c̶a̶s̶u̶a̶l̶ arcade mode. I don't know what to say.
All they need to do is add a good AI for all PvE modes including fixing their target acquisition (detecting + aiming) and fix the weapon damage, or at least make the bots (and if possible players too) react to getting shot.
The new maps and weapons are very much welcome though, because this game does get repetitive. I haven't played this game for a long time and even when I did I only played it for a few rounds until I got sick of it.

Please NWI, we're not trying to hurt you, we just want a good Insurgency game. A worthy sequel for the old one.

the best way to cure groundhog day is random capture and cache points but its easier said then done, with our servers we have altered the configs to make them more hardcore which works, and I think with some editing the hardcore mode can be made more fun and challenging, checkpoint hardcore is a welcome addition, that hopefully get fine tuned.