Gun adds for Observer class.

I feel the Observer class could use a few unique weapons to give players more incentives to play that class over Rifleman. Some guns that I have pondered include, RPK, P90, Mx4, RFB, any shot gun. The idea is to give the Observer an semi multi role. This will hopefully keep the Observer spots full in servers.


I'd rather not have this, and I'm saying this as a commander main.

A bigger headache than not having observers is observers who don't actually do their job and stick with you/don't maintain proximity/run off and ignore you when you need to call in support.

Adding in extra guns exclusive to the Observer class just attracts more people who clutter up the class and act as a liability rather than playing to their role. Such people are a triple liability, since they; don't do their own job, prevent others from doing the job and prevent the commander from doing his own job.

More often than not, I can get observers by asking; a much bigger headache are people who fill up the observer role, play like a rifleman (ignoring the commander) and thus prevent people who are actually going to be useful from taking the role (something that the proposed change would greatly exacerbate by attracting more of this kind of player).

@cool_lad This is going to happen no matter what. Playing the part or not. You can't force people to play the way you want; all developers can do is show us the way the game is intended to play. All I am doing is posting ideas to add depth and functionality to the intended role to better my ability to perform the intended role. To which I dont understand why you dont praise?

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L1a1 coming back for Security, I loved that one.

@max80 because it creates a perverse incentive. There's having a problem and then there's inviting more of the problem.

While the problem already exists, adding exclusive guns would just create an incentive to make the problem much worse by attracting people who will play for the exclusive guns rather than the role.

@vengefulmosquito isn't that just the FAL on semi auto with less readily available parts?

@cool_lad Yes, it is quite good on long range but I'd rather have the MP5k I think, more useful on close range and sticking on objectives, uses the powerful 9mm round over the one the MP7 uses and it is almost as compact and lightweight as the Uzi.

I liked it paired with a Suppressor.

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@cool_lad I agree with you on this but I run into the problem of having a team full of Rifleman and no observers. Where I could at least call some support in if I had an observer that want playing the role vs no observers at all. Maybe they could add a vote to kick option for both Commanders and observers that only becomes active after at least 1 round of inactive fire support calls. What do you think about that?

@g-i-drunk -As well intended as that may be I find some points dont need support at all. Maybe a smoke but I TRY to always ask my team how they feel about it and where they want the smoke. This works better rather than forcing them to work with what works for me alone. You would be surprised how much smoke can hurt your team when most dont use it. And to be kicked for not using it when you didnt need it. And the trolling for this....I dont want to knock your ideas GI but it feels like handing the trolls a loaded gun on that one.

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@max80 the trolls will always find a way lol. I guess what I'm really looking for is an extra incentive for players to play the Observer. It's great to ask you team to play as the Observer if they comply but there are several points that the commander makes or breaks the point. It would be great to at least have a passive Observer in play. Especially in Co-Op.

@g-i-drunk Very true!
I guess it would be nice if we could just apply the radio to whomever we wish outside of the commander class. I mean its point cost and weight should be price to pay enough right? in theory? This thought is off the top of my head and not thought through at all.

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The solution for a lot of this is fairly straightforward.

Remove the capture bonus for Observer class.

Past that, incentives like giving the bonus only when commander and observer are on point, or even letting observer and other classes call in minor fire support like mortars, would go a long way to make sure that the observer is helping call in fire support.

@jballou what if their dead? LOL