CooP 100% Accurate Molotovs

Is it just me or does the AI always seem to have wicked accuracy with molotovs. Like ive been sniped in the head by the AI with molotovs and I know for a fact others have complained about it in-game.

Make it more reasonable?

Clipped for a different issue, but this is an example of the AI accuracy that annoys the crap out of me.
A bot, that has no legitimate way of knowing my location, can throw a grenade right at me from behind a wall without ever seeing me. Luckily for me I was already moving, saw the grenade coming and was able to get away before it exploded.

@kahlekingztv Yeah, the LGMS (Laser Guided Molotov System) is back and it's worse than ever.

Hey @KahleKingzTV , thanks for reporting this. If you know of a video of this, or could record one yourself and share it with us, it would be very useful to us in finding a solution.

@Jellyfoosh First, here's a pretty solid example of LGMS:

Youtube Video

Second, it would help a ton if I could get a mod to forward my post about the bot AI detailing all of the current flaws here: