Thank you very much and congratulations

Hi guys, my name is Fernando Romero, I'm from Argentina, I want to thank you as a player for the great game they have offered us, we stand up to applaud "A Plague Tale Innocence", they have made a great job with this game, and have offered us a great experience, in a market that is full of clones, find a game like this makes us happy, and we also want you to know that we support them with all their games or IPs, The Surge , Vampyr, Styx, The Technomancer, Call Of Cthulhu, World War Z, The council, Greedfall, etc. Again congratulations and we look forward to your new releases, greetings!!!.

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Hi @Fer_silenthill
Thank you so much for taking the time to send us this! We are extremely honored 💓.
I hope you both have a great time playing our games. I will send your post to the A Plague Tale: Innocence dev team, I am sure it will please them.
Thank you again for your support! Have a great one!

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Thanks to you !!!, I really say it from the heart, it has been a very beautiful experience to play this great game, and we hope you find a sequel at some point, I do not bother you anymore, luck with the next releases !!!, regards .