Initial recoil high, hard to manage when hold breath does not activate when holding shift before coming to a stand still.

As mentioned in the elaborate title, recoil seems hard to manage mostly as the first shot throws the shooter of target the most. Compared to the previous insurgency installment, the recoil and the bullets to kill seems higher, increasing the difficulty taking down enemy players. What should help the shooter manage recoil is the hold breath function, however this does not seem to activate when standing still and having held shift from before standing completely still. This can be smoothed more, I believe a more forgiving/smooth transition into concentrated fire stance may improve the quality of engagements and make single fire a more useful fire mode. This would also give more of a chance to players encountering a machine gun in a prone position at range, one of the setups that does not seem to be subject to the increase of engagement difficulty.

As an unrelated side note, I want to mention that the recoil on the SVD seems very low compared to the other weapons in the game.

For any other users reading this, I would like to know what you think. To clarify I am not asking for null recoil laser beam guns that other shooters can have. I think the automatic recoil is just right for most weapons. The battle rifles could have some more kick to their full auto follow up shots.

EDIT: I would like to add a suggestion of setting initial recoil lower in single fire, this can present a good trade of to the player of being more effective at longer ranges or shorter ranges.

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Hello @F0XSQUAD,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. I'll pass it on to NWI!