Sniper ideas and L85 cost.

I would love to see a couple more options for snipers as I think mid range semi auto sniping is the way to go in this game. At least in COOP.

An SR25 would be nice to see but there is already the EBR for a 7.62 offering. Perhaps instead of the M16 in the sniper class there could be a MK12 Mod 0? The cosmetic changes wouldnt be much work (speaking as a modeller). Slightly higher muzzle velocity and locked to semi.

What about an option for match grade ammunition? could be 1 or 2 points and gives higher muzzle velocity and penetration? This would be sniper specific of course.

Oh yeah, and why does the L85 cost so much?

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I really hope the DEVs add the SR-25 or an MK12 0_1558243054669_20190519_001306.jpg
Semi automatic sniper rifles play a huge role in the urban maps.



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MK12 SPR/SR-25 would be nice.

@plppln said in Sniper ideas and L85 cost.:

Oh yeah, and why does the L85 cost so much?

Costs the same as an M4A1. Of course, it doesn't actually have the firerate of the M4A1. I think it's the same as the AK-74 firerate, but it also has less recoil. Four supply might be a better price.