Suggestions and tweaks for terrain features.


One of the weaknesses with BFGA is its Terrain features. Im pretty sure players will find it more refreshing to get more interactive maps. In Strategy games. Map Interaction adds so much depth to your games and will also greatly raise the skill ceiling in competitive play cause now Players need to put more emphasis in positioning in their Strategy and deploy better situational awareness.

-Celestial Bodies (Increase Scale and maybe add different shaped models)

I believe that Celestial Bodies could need a size and scale increase. I like the idea behind them. But i have found they are very limited in usefulness. They rarely provide long enough cover or any serious tactical benefits in using them. If you increase size by like maybe 50- 75% ships like Carriers etc can hide behind them and avoid fire more effectively. Before having to relocate. This change i believe will greatly increase their viability.

-Mine Fields (Cluster them)

Where are they? I have not seen a mine field in ages! And i propose a rework for them as well. Instead of them just coming in singles 1 time booms I suggest to bring them in clusters of 4 or 5 tightly or closely put together. Of course how common they should be carefully tweaked. Some Defensive factions can make great use of them.

-Astroid Fields (Increase Lethality/ Add Accuracy penalties or a small 10% Dice Roll Shot blocking effect EVEN FOR Torps with some exceptions/ Give certain factions and Frigates beneficial traits)

With this suggestion Astroid Fields would open up alot of tactical options but can also become a true nightmare if not carefully handled.
Factions like Orks, Nids, Tau miners and even Necrons and small frigates Could get traits that Heavily or completely reduce any incoming Astroid damage so they can frolic through the fields as their opponent has to take the long way around or take the damage (tweak to maybe 15 DPS) to evade them. This would make Frigates even better and allow them to live longer if you play it smart.

But Ranged faction can still make use of them if they need breathing room.
About Shot Blocking. Id say start off low with maybe a 10% shot block chance (which can still be pretty huge if you have your entire fleet shooting at a target in or through a field. and tweak until its in a good spot

I know these suggestion would have a huge impact on how the game is played. But i think it would be a healthy change. I also see it as a really realistic and achievable thing for the dev team to work on without having to spend so much time and money to make it work because they got most of the assets like mines already.

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I'm thinking that the devs wanted to keep the amount of entities that may affect the outcome of a battle to a minimum when they decided to skip features present in the past game's multiplayer but this is a game based on a tabletop with dice.
I for one like the added challenge of having to adapt to an unforeseen situations. Bigger celestial bodies are welcome, i'd go as far as having some of them move through the map.
The asteroid fields ideas are most welcome.

Yeah. But its a crucial part of any RTS. There will always be strategically powerful locations in a RTS and some of them can have a pretty strong impact on the game. Thats why players fight over the different positions of the map to get an advantage.

I think all of my suggestions are pretty reasonable.

There really is no reason to not add mine fields to the game. I wished we would have had bigger mine fields because in the first game i found it to be pretty underwhelming as is.

Moving celestial bodies would be cool.

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Hey @CANNED_F3TUS and @Tr3iz , I somehow didn't see this when it was posted! These are definitely interesting ideas, I've passed them on to the dev team, thanks!