Map Suggestion: Ruins.

The city maps are pretty great BUT... It 's a little weird how pristine they are. It's more like they are the staging ground for a short-lasting coup rather than a rebellion or active insurgency.

I suggest a map of a ruined city based on the state of Aleppo.

With one objective being a pristine courtyard garden amidst ruins to get some philosophical thing going on through contrast of the greenery with the grey ruins and a glimpse of the past before the devastating conflict. Add some cosmetic hints of a presence of children like chalk drawings on the walls, a stroller with childrens book on the table next to it or something and you've got yourself a masterpiece.

Ruins are great for maps. They should be easier on performance and give greater freedom to map designers when it comes to the layout of buildings which don't have to follow architectural designs of livable structures and can be made more open and arbitrary with broken down walls and stuff.

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Hey @Pakislav
Thanks for the suggestion, it will be send to our dev team so they can check it out themselves.
I will notify them that ruins can be an interesting setting as well. Have a great one!