NOT another bloomin survey


@k0872 you are quite late to that was already done and we all voted. Personally, I dont understand why you wouldnt want to help adjust the course of the development of future content. You see by having taken the "bloomin" survey they will now work on content with maps and map sizes and game modes instead of being "totally" focused on optimization, to which the "majority" agree is good now.
In there defense and credit, there was no other way for them to get a more accurate response of information of what we all wanted without something to click yes or no to. Would you want to be paid to read every single comment and review available in social media to understand what direction your customers want to go without a survey?

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Its a "Community" driven game, something NOT ALOT OF DEVELOPERS CARE happy

Surveys are an easy and effective way to get feedback and suggestions from the active community. I can only see good coming from it. Though I would still love a Galil.... 😛 Oh and the SKS back as a weapon for the rifleman class with insurgents...

Yeah, I share the caution that we'd like to see some results of the last survey before we start celebrating, but I'm hopeful that this shows we're moving in the right direction.

I'd like to get more hard details about the roadmap and what we should expect, but I'm certainly glad that we're seeing NWI collect community feedback more frequently.

Oh no, not the developer asking the community for opinions on which direction the game should go. What a terrifying thought.

its just another delay tactic, lets see the changes before the last one, and actually see a patch that fixes the bugs.

@k0872 we already know the changes and can speak for past changes. You can wait and see, I already know they are handling it just fine. Which is more than I can say for others...