There's few configuration parameters that defines the respawn behavior of the bots, but what is the formula that relates all of them?
Im very interested on:
How maximum and minimum bots are calculated depending on the amount of players:
How the respawn multiplier affects the amount of bots (Is that multiplier applied to the first wave or both 1st and 2nd wave?):
I already understand the DPR:

NumberOfEnemies+RespawnDPR=BotsYouNeedToKillForNewWave (Also is the amount of bots to be respawned)

and the maximum number of bots you will find between points will be:

But this is only a part of the bigger formula, maybe a dev could answer so we can put all of this on a nice spreadsheet or beautiful online calculator?

This would allow finetune spawning on community servers 🙂

Im not interested on the description of every parameter but on how they are related to each other.

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