Horde mode map ideas

I know horde mode is coming. How it will be done I dont know. But this scene from 13 hrs is how I envisioned it. With members active inside and out.

Edit - I wouldnt mind seeing this as a map in the game for horde mode.....Cough Cough
Edit 2 - The idea of firefights with bots from windows is cool. If they could fight from windows more often instead of going all walking dead and heading to you every time thats cool.
Youtube Video

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May be off topic to ask, but have you watch "The Long Road Ahead" TV show?

There a very similar scene where the ranger division got ambushed by Insurgent forces and are force to setup a defensive position around the village. I would kill for a horde mode similar to No More Room In Hell.

Oh, and please allow us to escape from the Insurgent Force via an extraction point.

@ldclaudius not off topic at all...this discussion is linking scenerios from movies or live footage to the devs for ideas on upcoming maps for Horde play mode. This is to give them an idea of what we are all looking for with it. If you can find a clip grab the address of it on youtube and show us. The movie that best shows what I want is from 13 hrs. Plus I think its an excellent location to derive inspiration from. Those men fought with honor.

Edit - Are you talking about "The Long Road Home?"

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Hello all,

Thank you for this feedback! Will pass on to the team!

@max80 Yea, that TV show. I must have spelled the title wrong.

@ldclaudius - Totally agree with the extraction point by the way. I like the idea of holding a point for X amount of time after setting off a colored smoke flare. We wait for the Chinook to come in. I also like the idea of "Cleric's" lines being changed up or other support for when we call for help during that stage of the game mode. New lines for Cleric - "The Cleric speaks...volley of rockets" "Heard you guys were in a tight spot name of chinook pilot is on his way I'm keeping you company for now" - have more fun with it I guess when considering the new horde mode.

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@ldclaudius Started watching That mini-series. I never heard of it till now. Ill let you know what I thought of it. I find it fascinating that it was done by Nat-Geo.

@max80 Do enjoy watching it. I'm going to watch a WWII film called 'April 9th'. (Yes, that a real film.)

@max80 said in Horde mode map ideas:

horde mode

Horde mode? What is it? Where can you find more about what's intended by NWI?

@hoak I guess I want pve fans to really step it up and consider the possibilities of these types of modes. We need a strong second mode of gameplay for PVE. This will ensure hard stressful gunfights whereas we can already choose to be either stealthy or loud and proud on checkpoint.

"New official game modes were the second most requested feature making up approximately 21% of the vote. We have a new ‘Hardcore Checkpoint’ mode releasing with the next update which appeals to more serious cooperative players, with additional new official game modes to come that will be guided by your feedback. The results from question 10 in the survey indicate that the three most popularly requested official game modes include a tug-of-war style PvP mode based on Frontline from Day of Infamy (23.2%), a single life PvP VIP escort mode based on Ambush from Insurgency (22.7%), and a horde inspired mode with multiple defense points based on Outpost from Insurgency (17%). We can not say at this time which new mode will be next, but we can say that we are committed to these three game modes and will update you over time as they get closer to release."


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Doing something like Entrenchment would be cool.

Also, something like "hold here for extraction", so if the team holds long enough they get pulled out, if they get killed or pushed off they spawn further away and need to fight their way back or find a new extraction point.