i seem to of lost road overlays

Has anyone had their overlay, items go bad? i lost the roads. they all come out as what looks like a 3rd party overlay. i just reinstalled Everything, all folders, all appdata, the workshop, uninstall on steam. and this is what i keep getting , .. ANY ASSISTANCE is Greatly Appreciated!
i don't know what to do... Rufus
0_1557064245716_overlay.JPG 0_1557064257591_grass road.JPG0_1557064468067_assets.JPG

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Did you reinstall both game and editor?

@Mexican_420 - yes i did. the last update(this past week) messed with my game/editor. hence i did the compleat wipe of MR stuff.
the MRMod is working in the editor

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@rufus If you wiped and reinstalled, then you must have hit the "Install Game Media" button in the editor. I would expect that to fix any lingering issues.

Although... have you checked your texture cache? It might not get updated on a wipe and reinstall.

You could also check whether the overlays display incorrectly in the game or only in the editor. That could help narrow down the problem.

Finally, you might have to go through your editor directories by hand looking for stray files that could be redefining your assets.

Good luck!