car shows

i figure there are plenty of auto enthusiast here and was curious as to what other shows people may watch. also maybe share some channels with others who might be interested.

will keep it short and simple with a few of the regular shows and a random pick or two off my list i watch regularly:

  1. Roadkill
  2. Mighty Car Mods
  3. Grand Tour/Top Gear (both ended, but new show coming soon from the trio)
  4. Skid Factory
  5. Leno's Garage
  6. 4WD action (Aus)
  7. My Classic Car (started as a local show here, but has grown nation wide and have watched this guy since the first season)
  8. Hoonigan
  9. Wasabi Cars
  10. Dirt Everyday

so what car shows are you interested in? 🤔

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Noting on tv at the moment. Maybe some top gear (uk&usa versions).
So mainly youtube, there are a lot of "mudrunner" style channels, i made a tread for it on this forum.

Skid Factory ... I love their customisation style and Leno's Garage is a good competitor. I would love to look in to the other ones also.
Thanks much, whatsappsniffer

Well i like Festival of Speed. Raise volume because this is "ear porn".

Youtube Video

Bunch of Australian dudes post some quality content.

Youtube Video

Also, out of context. I like to drive All Gas No Brakes here in SR. If you get what i mean.