So a lot of people think vehicles are useless (not me necessarily) so heres a few suggestions to consider:

-Vehicles should spawn more often. They do feel useless when they dont exist lol. For example you would get a vehicle for every attacking point on push. This would help a lot given that you often have to spend what feels like decades going from spawn to combat area.
-More realistic damage model. Currently if any explosive hits within 5-10 meters from the vehicle it will explode spectacularly.
I think only a direct hit should destroy the vehicle (requiring more skill than vague aim to destroy them.)
Also mines should only detonate if a tire hits them, now once again it seems currently if you are anywhere near a mine you will die.
-Maybe add a small delay for getting in and out to simulate the actual process of getting in (without having to animate). I think squad or that one ww2 game does it.

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