Some questions

Hello everyone

I would like to know if there's any plan to release the OST on iTunes/Spotify.

I can't wait anymore for this game!

Hello @Enrique ,
You can already find some of it on Olivier' soundcloud..
Olivier Deriviere is the composer and is currently teasing a lot of the OST on his social media accounts and posting them on bandcamp, soundcloud...
Depending on where you live, you can also get a vinyl as a Pre-Order Bonus.
Have a great one 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the game!!

@raibi Hello, I just noticed that there is a pre-order Bonus physical Vinyl soundtrack only in some Euro countries that comes with the game. But I am living in U.S. Therefore I want to ask that is this vinyl planning to release in the North America market as a separate buy or this just a Euro exclusive? Because I really like to own one myself.

Thank you.

Hey @zzg5148
Only a few selected retailers are selling this vinyl. But the whole OST is available on bandcamp : you can find it here!
My little finger rat told me that we might organize some contest on social medias and the prize might be a cool vinyl... 😉

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Hey @zzg5148 @Enrique
I don't know if you follow us on social media but we have some news concerning vinyls.
Pre-orders are on their way!

@raibi is this vinyl as same as the one people get in some Europe store when preorder? Or this one is larger?

Thanks! bandcamp is still a good option to buy music.