How about a loadout customization shooting range?

So I am loving this game so far and I like the fact that you can customize guns and save your loadout in presets. The problem though is that you can only choose classes in a fight and if you just wanna try out different combinations and save presets you lose valuable time, and time is an essence in a tactical shooter (especially on the attack when you only have 5 minutes to push an objective). And yes there is a shooting range but you cant choose classes there and you have a lot of loadout points, way more then the amount you would have in a battle. Now don't get me wrong the shooting range, is a great place to practice your aim and test out guns. What I am suggesting, however, is adding a second shooting range of some sort where you can choose between "insurgents" and "Security" and also between all the available classes having the usual loadout points that you would have in a battle. That way you can take your time and test out different combinations and loadouts and then, you can save them in presets that you can use in battle. Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback.

Hello @WolfTheAshenOne,

We're happy that you appreciate our game, and thank you for this suggestion. It'll be passed on to the team.