Cosmetic Reset.

So im having some weird issues with the outfits because everytime i log back in my cosmetic items keep resetting and its not letting me buy them or equip anybody else having this?

Hello @HunterofGunmen07,

Can you please delete the files here, and see if it wolrs?

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile, then remove these files: Profile.sav/CosmeticPreset.json/Cosmetics.json

None of these file are there.

Can you give us your Steam ID, please @HunterofGunmen07 ?

ミュート thats mute in jap

@chaton said in Cosmetic Reset.:

Can you give us your Steam ID, please @HunterofGunmen07 ?

@hunterofgunmen07 said in Cosmetic Reset.:

ミュート thats mute in jap

Go here and type your name:

Paste the SteamID64 instead, as that might be more helpful

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This happens in the CTE constantly.

Yeah i know thats happens on the cte but it also happens in my normal of sandstorm.

Even my stats reset on both cte and the normal build

can someone just forward this?

Hey @HunterofGunmen07 @Grave
Thank you for pointing out that this also happens in CTE! I'll forward this right away!