Need GameCube Controller Support for Switch

I absolutely love the Switch version of Spintires. But, unless it has been modified in with the new Old Timers DLC, playing it with a Gamecube controller is impossible.

Having full compatibility, with proper vibration and analog trigger support would be nice but, simply having multiple (more adapted) controller layout options would be enough.

The main problem is that the triggers when using Gamecube controller are attributed the small L/R buttons on Switch (as opposed to the very trigger-like Lz/Rz buttons because Nintendo is Nintendo). So when playing the game, I have no brakes, no way to Switch the camera, no real ways to use the menus and I have to press the tiny purple Z button to accelerate.

I was honestly surprised this wasn't fixed the last time I played the game...

You could try the pro controller

Why you don’t using joycons instead of game cube controller? Developers can’t think about every hardware inputs because they are working with standard hardware for playing game.

Because I, like most people on earth, love the Gamecube controller. Because, why would I spend 100$ on a crappy, input lantency ridden, wireless controller without analog triggers when I have at my disposition one of the greatest controllers ever created by man without any of those issues?

They can't?! Trials on switch as full GC controllers support, including analog triggers. I would bet you anything it is the most commonly used non standard controller on the console. I'm not saying I want to play the game with the magic lamp from Barbie's Arabian Night Adventure. All I want is, at the very least, more than ONE controller layout option in the settings menu.

Stop making excuses for what is a very basic request. It's pathetic.