Add viewmodel settings make it like insurgency 2014

The weapon model in this game is pretty good.But with current viewmodel setting the weapon is on the bottom of the screen.So there are many details about the weapon players can not see.I have been played a lot insurgency 2014 cod bf in which the weapon is on the right corner of the screen players can see almost every detail about the weapon and it looks amazing.
Something just feels not right when i'm playing this game with current viewmodel setting.Because i'm getting used to the viewmodel setting in insurgency 2014.It makes me can't enjoy the game that much.I'm pretty sure there are many players feel just the same as i do.
So can u guys add viewmodel settings like insurgency 2014 maybe players can choose the viewmodel setting like what they did in csgo.

Hey @oooooeoeo
Thank you for the suggestion. It'll be passed on to the team.

Yeah, we can't see as much of the weapon in general, but this also allows for the actual action to dominate much more of the screen.

Perhaps a better idea would be to have a setting like Far Cry 5, allowing players to switch between 2 viewmodels.

@oooooeoeo I get where you're coming from, but I prefer Sandstorm's default viewmodel as it makes the gun easier to aim when hipfiring.

Granted, as of right now you won't hit shit with hipfire with most weapons, so...