Loads of Ammo

If you pick up a weapon that is the same type that you already have and the press
"F" instead of holding it at the resupply location you can end up with a LOT of ammo. I ended up with 13 mags for a picked up M4 and I bet if i found another M4, M16, ect. i probably would have been able to get even more.

Hey @El-Chivo,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it.

@el-chivo Does this include getting ammo for an M4 /w Ext. Mags and an M4 /w out Ext. Mags? I'd have to test it myself.

That being said, it is possible to hold the maximum possible weapon ammo for every weapon type in the game. In other words, with a Light Carrier, you can technically hold:

-> 5 FAL mags
-> 5 STANAG mags
-> 5 5.45 AK mags
-> 5 7.62 AK mags
-> 5 SKS mags (unless that is standard AK mags)
-> 5 Alpha AK Mags
-> 35 12-Gauge rounds
-> 30 7.62x54r AP rounds
-> 30 7.62x51mm AP rounds
-> One MASS rocket
-> One RPG-7 rocket
-> 5 MP7 mags
-> 2 M249 boxes
-> 2 M240B boxes
-> 2 PKM boxes
-> Three mags for every pistol

...and more. I'm pretty sure, anyway. I'll have to test this out as well.