Ideas regarding more immersive player experience

I have a couple of ideas regarding small things that would make the game more immersive but doens't have that much of a gameplay value. Firstly I think it would be cool to see be able to see the rest of your body when you look down the first person camera perspective. Secondly it would be cool if you would be able to change stance automaticaly when in prone, what I mean is that if you are prone and look back your character will automaticaly turn on his back and aim behind him. Lastly it would be nice to have animations for when you resupply your ammo from a weapon case of from a gun on the ground.

For these ideas are a must.

Hello both,

Thank you for sharing these ideas with us. They'll be forwarded to the team!


Plus I'd like to be able to see my own shadow. I can see everyone else's except mine.