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Relevant topics are quite old so I create a new one.
Is there any plan to change the restricted area mechanic?
This feels so outdated.

I'd prefer be shot at by invisible overwatch (or even visible if performance allows) from time to time and/or being marked on the enemy's radar instead of being forced to not use my gun.
That would also be more consistent with the restricted area representing a controlled zone, supposedly patrolled and watched. If shot at, the more people in the restricted area, the more frequent the shots are to simulate high alert (and avoid abuse of the mechanic by swarming the area).
Instead of that we currently have an empty zone protected by magic.

Last thing, that would eliminate the abuse of players sneaking in the restricted area to begin capture next objective or blow up last objective as soon as the previous one is captured and the restricted area updates.


Hello @Choucram,

Thank you for this feedback. It'll be forwarded to the team!

Cool, thanks! Keep up, it's really a good game 😉