Suggestion: All/select vehicle availability across all maps (e.g. Russian in AW DLC).

(Moved this out of the latest DLC post as I felt it was perhaps a bit off-topic)

@Jellyfoosh for the dev team.

I was just about to ask a question on the AW DLC also but seeing as this new DLC update is imminent probably too late to implement a change but you never know!

One I've completed a map, my preferred repeat method is one starring it and letting the game engine choose what random trucks are left at the spawn points for me to play with, having to find them first.

The only problem is that you will never get Russian trucks random spawn in AW (or vice versa), which is a real shame because it means that the only way you get to use different hardware is to specify as starting equipment, taking the one star challenge away.

I appreciate that from perspective of level designer, you may want the initial runs on the maps for the vehicles to be themed, and certain mission based maps may need certain equipment to be completable. Nonetheless it would add greatly to the variation in the gameplay if, let's say once the map has been completed (at whatever level you deem appropriate), the player might have the choice to select an option so that any unlocked vehicles could appear at the random spawns.

This could go step one further with the option to 'include' or 'exclude' vehicles in your unlocked list so that if you choose this option, you can tweak the game difficulty based on mood, or include favourites / exclude ones you despise (not naming names here) :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It would probably be easier to just add 3 buttons.
Aw vehicles only
Russian vehicles only
A mix of both

In general, I can't imagine finishing "russian" map with random US truck...

@kingnightshadow yes, easier but not the same as having the choice eh?

@Sodoma I agree. For me the (until just trying the chevy) it’s more about access to russki.
but once the option was there, i guess let a player decide. it’s not just about aesthetics though, it would also about tweaking difficulty.