Mudrunner Console Wheel Support

I just picked up a physical copy of this game for xbone. I bought it because I read a forum post by the devs claiming there would be support for my wheel - Logitech g920. I have a few questions and would appreciate if anyone could provide some info.

  1. Does the game have a menu panel to adust wheel settings?
  2. Can buttons be remapped?
  3. Does force feedback work for other console users using wheel perhipherals?
  4. Does force feedack work for other console users using Logitech g920 or g29?

1 No
2 No
3 I can't answer this because I'm using a DFGT with G29 compatibility using GIMX.
4 No. I've played happily to Dirt Rally, Drive Club and right now Dirt Rally 2.0(Not so happily, waiting for a patch witch fix FFB)

As I've said before, I'd return the game if possible, only if you want to play with your driving wheel and not with a controller.

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