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why would the raptor not be webway capable?
you can just walk in there
you can fit spaceships in there
what possible reason could there be a raptor isnt webway capable
might not fit into every side passage, but there are plenty of highways

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Dark Eldar Escorts added.
This was a huge leap, as there was nothing on them prior to this game, so I'm working effectively from scratch with these vessels and had to exercise a lot of creative liberty to create fluff for them which I felt happy with.

I tried to circumvent the issue of some of their ships having very similar armaments by creating a distinction between raiding vessels and more traditional frigate vessels, and create distinctions in each class that set them apart as different ship classes with their own 'character' much like already existing ships.

Hopefully it is to everyone's liking. This was a huge leap in the dark.
I'll add images at a later date, or use any good stuff that other people can provide me.

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