Safety distance for rocket launchers

It happens that you thought you were cleared to shoot but something was apparently in the way and your rpg explodes in your face.

Please consider adding a safety distance also to rocket launchers as they
have in real life/similar to underbarrel grenade launchers. The rocket must travel for example 10 meters at least before

Trying to shoot rocket for example from the rocks on crossing is just suicide because the collision is not aligned with meshes.

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RPG-7s do not have a safety distance. They go off if you hit the fuse on any solid surface. Fun fact: if you trip with a charged rocket and the tip hits the ground, you will explode.

@imacookie RPG= rocket propelled grenade. Not rpg-7 specifically.

Ah, then the Pzf 3, M3, and AT4 should have arming distances but RPG-7 does not. What would be cool if there was some deflection if the projectile hits off center and missing the detonator, sending the rocket at a different angle.

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And trying to fire an RPG/AT4 out of a window usually results in the damn thing blowing up in my face.

Hello all,

Thank you for your feedback. It'll be passed on to the team.