Continuous Shooting Bug (client side)

My friend hears continuous shooting almost every match (and every round) he plays. Usually lasts a between 1 and 2 minutes, and he's the only one that can hear it. It sounds like it's coming from a particular point in the map.

Anyone else experiencing this? I remember it from the beta, but my friend is still experiencing it so I'm just hoping the devs are aware.

I've heard people complaon about it and I've had it happen to me once.

Hello both,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you give us more details, such us the particular point, the map, the game mode, weapons, etc?

Thank you in advance.

I often have this problem as well, from the times i heard it and i caught this on a player i was spectating once and it seems that it happens when a player is shooting an automatic weapon and is killed while doing so, i tried to see if it stooped when they get killed again or respawn and it stooped when they respawned on the second time(maybe because he wasn't killed on the first wave after dying before the sound bug) so my conclusion is:

1- Buged sound starts - Player dies while shooting an automatic weapon

2- Buged sound stops - Player dies again and on respawn the buged sound stops.

For me this happened on any objective, on push mode and with automatic weapons only.

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@chaton My friend says it seems to happen irrespective of gamemode / map. Although we mostly play Push. Unsure about type of weapon - simply that it's automatic / higher calibre. Something like an LMG perhaps.

I've heard picking up the weapon from where the shooting is coming from can stop it. (implying the shooting comes from a weapon of a dead player) But he hasn't successfully found it before. But it definitely sounds like it's coming from a particular direction in the map, and you can sense its distance.

Thank you for the further information. I'll share this with our team, so they can try to reproduce this issue.