Wheel and shifter problems on xb1 and ps4

Don't fill this up trying to tell me my wheel doesn't work. I use it on fh4 and it works like a charm. For one, when your playing manual transmission the trucks seem to have significant less power, while trying to climb a hill or even on flat road, automatic obviously out preforms manual. But auto is really annoying because the truck tries to grab a gear that it can't pull up a hill and then stalls and drops right back down to first. Also there is little to no ffb. I need some devs or someone to see this so we can fix this. I Have heard others have these problems on the forums here so I know it ain't me. I'm assuming I'm never gonna hear someone who even helps with this game but I'm still trying. Hopefully MR2 isn't like this.

Patch 1.09 DOES NOT fix this bug.

Been waiting for a long time for this to be fixed.

I'm pretty sure @pavel admitted a while back that FFB is indeed broken and that it was gonna get fixed.

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@unster said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

Force feedback is still dead unless the wheel is turned off and on in the controls menu.

It just got to our attention that force feedback was indeed completely broken, hehe!
Thank you for bearing this, next patch will fix that! (and improve force feedback behaviour in general too)

Next patch will further improve light vehicles performance, which I think is one of the most important things patches can do at this point, given the amout of said vehicles in workshop.

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I'll check tomorrow if there are any fixes, but if it's true that they didn't bother fixing any of the significant bugs, I'd call that utmost laziness.

@jayson No problem. Just keep in mind I don't have that weakness with manual transmission bug. That could be an issue only with your setup. But of course they should try to fix it.

@unster yea there is another guy on PS4 said he the shifter problems

Xbx same issue.
It's a minor difference between pad and wheel but still noticeable.
Especially when climbing a hill with a heavy load.

@rlcn-cargamer and the new update didn't fix it for me.

@jayson No , i havent noticed any changes either.

I've give up already.