Scopes: poor performance when raising/lowering rifle

When I ADS with a scope mounted, my frame rate drops dramatically for the duration of the ADS animation.
Happens on all maps. eg It will drop from a solid 60 fps down to 15 fps, just for a brief moment. Then the fps returns to normal, until I lower the rifle.

This makes the ADS animations very jerky and usually causes me to screw up my aim. The bigger the scope magnification, the bigger the FPS drop and the jerkier it is. (I have scope set to "normal" in settings, not picture in picture)

The drop does not happen if I have no scope attached... the frame rate stays consistently high.

Also, I noticed that I still see reflections in my scope's glass even though I have "screen space reflections" set to off.

When the rifle is in hipfire position, I can see a rendered reflected image of the scene behind me in the scope glass, as well as various highlights and glints on the rifle and scope. I thought this was precisely what "screen space reflections" was supposed to control (?)

Could it be that the performance drops I am getting when raising/lowering the rifle are because of this? It makes the magnified scopes a bit of a liability in combat.

Details of my potato:

i7 920 4 x 4.0 GHz
Windows 7 64bit
12GB System Memory
Radeon R9 270X with latest drivers

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Hello @Congas,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it!