Quick and easy fixes for a better game

Hello there ! 🙂

Before starting on the topic, let me first express how much fun im having in Insurgency Sandstorm !
I have been playing for a while now and i still enjoy the game as much as when i started. I would say even more since more and more players seem to communicate and cooperate on Push.
Talking about Push, I think this is the core gamemode of Insurgency, this is where i see the most people talking and having fun and i really think that the community is creating there (this should even be the competitive gamemode imo).

However I think that we could use a few changes to improve the gaming experience. I know that the dev team is focusing on optimisation etc at the moment, but these changes are quite easy to put in place and I am sure that they would be very welcome by the majority of the players.

So let me list them below:

  • On Push the "no go zone" for attackers should be a zone that kills you instead of just preventing you from using your weapons. I say this because I am seeing all the time people camping the following objective to cap it as it unlocks, or even the final cache to blow it up immediatly after the last point is caped... I feel like this is a cheap strategy that should be removed, and making the "no go zone" kills you in 20s would solve this issue.

  • On Push the score system could be revised to feel less frustrating. At the moment even if you cap 3 objectives and the ennemy team cap none, it will still be a draw 1-1 as the only way to score a point in attack is to destroy the final cache. I think awarding a point for each capture (maybe even a "X" for destroying the cache) could remove a bit of frustration and incitate players to play the objective more.
    Eg: 3-X

  • On Skirmish one very frustrating problem is how easy it is to rush for the ennemy cache at the begenning of a round with a car. If your cache is rushed and you havent destroyed the ennemy's one then you know that this round is lost 90% of the time. To prevent that situation, an easy fix would be to only spawn the car at the first respawn wave (and not at the begenning of the round), so players would already be positioned accross the map and could intercept it.

  • On Push on some maps (you know which one if you play it lol), the first point can be veryyy tricky to cap. And i see quite a few games ending on a draw without any team caping the first point. A small help that could be given would be to allow commanders to call in fire support more quickly on attack (at the moment you can only call for smoke mortars, and other fire supports only onlock around the second last wave and by the time they arrive you have no wave left). I'd say that the timer for fire support other than smoke should be reduced by at least 50%

  • At the moment as demolition you cant have a second 40mm ammo for your tube which is a bit weird considering that the smoke launcher has 2 with a normal backpack. If you want a second 40mm you have to get the bigger backpack which makes the 40mm launcher cost a total of 6 points total for 2 ammo (cost of tube + cost of big backpack).

  • Finally I think that flashbangs could get a bit of love, they are a very useful weapon and fit perfectly the breacher class but nobody picks them, as even tho they are cheap they take too much space in the inventory.
    Would you go as a breacher with only 2 flashbangs or with 2 nades ??
    I would love to see the flashbangs either changed from 1 point per flashbang occupying one slot of inventory, to 2 points for 2 flashbangs occupying one slot (or keep the original cost and add the new one too to let people decide what suits them best). I do not think this would have a negative impact on balance as flashbangs are not overpowered by any means. Incitating breachers to use more flashbangs would really bring some more diversity in the gameplay which is always good imo.

I really hope that this post will be noticed as not only I do think it would help the game, but it also took me some time to motivate myself to write this 😉

Anyway thanks for reading and see you soon !

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Hello @el_cozon,

We're happy that you appreciate Sandstorm. I'll pass your feedback on to the team!